The tailor-makers LAILA LAOUVA present themselves at three locations in Berlin with different focuses.


Our Headquarters

Main Office in Berlin-Lichterfelde

In the main building of the Atelier LAILA LAOUVA, a competent team takes care of the change of your high-quality wardrobe. Here in our boutique we also present changing dress collections, accessories and jewelery.
Our dressmaker with an exclusive selection of Italian and French fabrics is located next door. Here, you will be able to advise you professionally and confidently about your personal requirements.
We have also recently been offering you the manufacture of individual curtain and storage solutions. Catalogues for curtains are available for you. We are also happy to help with the measurement.

Please contact us and arrange a consultation date.

Drakestraße 35A
12205 Berlin

Telephone: +49 176 439 175 33
Telephone: +49 30 832 293 32


Headquarters opening hours
Monday till Friday: 9:00-13:00, 14:00-16:00
Saturday: closed

Opening hours Tailor-Made Studio
Only by telephone appointment

Our Atelier in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Atelier Berlin-Sophie-Charlotten-Strasse

At our fabric site in Charlottenburg our production orders are processed for international companies and boutiques.
From autumn 2016, we also offer a service for private customers.

Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 92-94
GSG Hof, Aufgang H rechts, 1. OG
14059 Berlin

Telephone: +49 178 239 5815
Telephone: +49 30 337 708 50


Opening hours
Monday till Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: closed

Atelier KaDeWe

Atelier KaDeWe
Our studio in the KaDeWe offers both a stake-out service on the respective sales area of the house, as well as the possibility to visit us in the studio on the third floor with your changes.
We also accept orders for embroidery on terry cloth articles or monogram embroidery on shirts or pyjamas.
Depending on the extent of change and the utilization of the studio, we offer our clients an immediate service (within 1 hour).

3rd floor at the parking garage
Above KaDeWe headquarters

Telephone: +49 30 212 10 or directly via
Telephone: +49 172 388 9165
Telephone: +49 172 388 9555


Opening hours
Monday till Saturday: 10:00-20:00

And at all special opening hours of the house.
Please check www.KaDeWe.de/oeffnungszeiten


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