The different orientation of our different locations, we can give you our special competence in the following areas:




In all LAILA LAOUVA studios, competent teams have a proven and reliable track around every change in their high-quality wardrobe.
We also offer:

Leather and fur changes
Leather and fur processing in particular requires not only extensive know-how in processing, but also the corresponding special machines. We have both.

Knitwear / repair of strings
Knitwear can also be repaired or modified. With great care, stitch patterns are also restored.

Art pots
Small defects or holes in the tissue are remedied if possible and prior sighting.




Custom made clothes or pattern for WOMEN
Our showroom and fabric room with an exclusive selection of Italian and French fabrics is located next to the alteration booth in Drakestraße 35A. Here, you will be able to become a professionally and stylishly advise.

We offer several possibilities of custom manufacture.
The modification of an existing garment or a complete new development of a tailor-made model is possible.
We will gladly take the time, take measurements and advise you on style, cut and material use of the garment to be made. After all, only the perfect interaction between these components creates the individual piece of clothing you desire.

Please arrange an appointment under:
+49 30 832 293 32

Measurements for men
Please arrange an appointment under:
+49 151 684 498 46




From the customer request according to individual custom-made preference for evening dresses and wedding dresses, is a separate trade with international designers from Italy and France, in the studio rooms in the Drakestrasse. An exclusive selection of accessories, jewelery and shoes round off the range.



Tailoring Service for all kind of events

Whether for private events, weddings, photoshootings or fashionshows, professional help is sometimes needed directly on site.
Book your mobile fitting service.

We offer:
Tightening aids, ironing service, set-up and alteration service and, if necessary, minor repairs.



External Appointments

We are also happy to come to your home and make your changes.

Please arrange an appointment under:
+49 151 684 498 46




If it has to go fast, we offer you a surcharge
24 hour change service.

Please note that this service depends on the specific customer order.




By driver or messenger, we will also deliver your changes or customizations to your home.




You are automatically a stylist while discussing a change or making it. But we are also available for more extensive color and style advice and as a shopping guide in Berlin.

Please arrange an appointment under:
+49 151 684 498 46




We have recently also offered you the production of individual curtain and storage solutions. We offer catalogues for curtains for you at the Drakestrasse in Lichterfelde. We are also happy to help with the measurement, please contact us and arrange a consulting appointment.




A digital embroidery machine allows monogram embroidery, LOGO-Stick for corporate customers, signature on towels and bathrobes. Available in different lettering, sizes and colors. Also possible in large quantities.
If you have a modification or repair request, which we have not explicitly listed here, ask.


Contact us!

+49 30 832 293 32
+49 176 439 175 33

Monday till Friday from 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:30


Saturday from 10:00–14:00

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